YEL Platform adopts ACR / Watermarking

When dealing with connected TV / Social TV/ advertisement measurement, and different broadcasting moments (digital, analog, on demand/timeshift), there has always been a time sync issue. From now on that part is solved. YEL supports Automated Content Recognition (ACR) a.k.a. audio watermarking, where we take advantage of the audio signal and the ability of the microphone in audio devices like the smartphones or tablet(s).

With ‘timeframe 5:10′ for everybody the same, we can have the connected devices to deliver the content (rich content/engagement/entertainment/feedback) you want to show your audience.
The YELGroup combines social game experiences, tv measurement and market research in one new platform: YEL – Your Emotion Live.

YEL - Your Emotion Live & ACR / Watermark
YEL can create your tablet/social tv application with ACR / Watermarking techniques


A good link/article about differences between fingerprinting and watermarking: the following article:

Questions: contact or

SDK from Civolution SyncNow (VideoSync), Nielsen Media-Sync and Intrasonic.


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