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Het 2e scherm – jouw publiek in handbereik – de YEL Director

De kracht van YEL is niet alleen het gebruikers gemak voor de kijker thuis, maar een compleet platform, inclusief de YEL Director. Wat is de YEL Director? Dat is een complete applicatie rondom ons SocialTV platform. Waarmee de klant (programma … Continue reading

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Dutch TV show Pauw & Witteman, uses YEL for live audience feedback

Last weeks episode of Dutch leading talk show Pauw & Witteman was a very special one for two reasons. 1. – The show was about the debate between the latest 5 candidates for the ‘election’ of the new leader of … Continue reading

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YEL in the cloud – more than an app

Social TV is emerging according to Gartner, MIT and Endemol Group. Early starters like GetGlue, Miso, IntoNow, and ExMachina have proven some success. Now there are a lot of new players are entering the social TV landscape (Viggle, Kijkes, … Continue reading

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Looking for a mobile app for you conference?

You probably already used YEL for live audience feedback (poll / applause/mood meter) during one program / event. But now you can take advantage of the YELevent smartphone platform that integrates your summit / venue / conference program in one … Continue reading

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YEL Platform adopts ACR / Watermarking

When dealing with connected TV / Social TV/ advertisement measurement, and different broadcasting moments (digital, analog, on demand/timeshift), there has always been a time sync issue. From now on that part is solved. YEL supports Automated Content Recognition (ACR) a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Elke TV show een eigen app? Ik hoop het niet.

TV kijken met je smartphone of tablet in de hand, een oprukkend fenomeen. Het lijkt wel alsof elke omroep of TV programma bezig is om zijn eigen applicatie te ontwikkelen. Dit wordt tegenwoordig ‘Social TV’ genoemd, ook wel 2e scherm … Continue reading

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YEL in de bus – YELTraffic van start

Het YEL platform is niet alleen geschikt als ‘live applaus meter’ bij TV programma’s of bij seminars of congressen, het is ook uitermate geschikt voor live feedback vanuit openbaar vervoer / reizigers informatie. Vanuit deze invalshoek start op 17 oktober … Continue reading

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YEL it easy with 2 big buttons

You can already choose from 4 or 8 (custom buttons), but now you can have the default 2 icon thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. Or in live action (during YEL session on Larry King Live)

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iPhone Shortcut / Fullscreen APP

Add a glossy icon on your iPhone (Quick Launch/Home Screen icon) Without going to the Apple AppStore, you can use YEL outside your Safari browser. How? From the YEL site (, use the ’Action/Arrow’ button on your mobile Safari browser. … Continue reading

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